The Dental Care Society is constituted as a public charitable Society by eminent personalities and dentists committed to promoting community dentistry encompassing both preventive dentistry as well as social dentistry.


To achieve the objective of a “Carries Free Generation” we need to create a team of dental health workers, one per 1000 children. The preferred choice is a group of ladies with science background who are good communicators to spread the message


The dental health worker should be trained to conduct surveys and prepare a database , to identify defective facial and dental development, and to provide guidance for early preventive programs and treatment.

General Survey

The survey aims to build a database with dental status of children of age 0 to 10, classified into three age groups and to identify prevalence of dental carries among them. Continuous update of this database by the dental health workers will help to monitor and guide their activities.


The dental health workers will guide the target group to cultivate good habits of dental hygiene among children, early corrective and preventive treatment to keep up good facial appearance.

"Health through Knowledge"

The programme is to be promoted by the involvement of the community at every stage of implementation by mass education programmes. Dentists and other health professionals involved in the project would impart knowledge on the preventive aspects of dental and oral hygiene at the grass root level. The information is then disseminated to the wider population by community participation. Kerala, the most literate state in the country is well known for highly successful community based programmes in health and education through mass movements. The success of this project can also thus be assured.